Becoming the Bull

      It is time to go to the mountain and find the missing mage, he went looking for the Horn of the Bull.  There is a 3000 g.p reward for this task and a bonus if you are able to get the Horn.  you get 2000 up front.  Ready set go.
      The day started out with the group buying horses and a wagon, and Zardoz needed to get more help.  Once everyone was ready they set out in to the mountains.  The traveling was pretty easy, until the group came to a mountain pass.  In this pass the group encountered a group of cave men.  These cave men were only able to throw rocks at the hero's so it did not take long for them to kill the cave men, all but one.
      With the one cave man, Zardoz used him to try and find out what was going on.  The cave man was only able to use pictures to tell the group what was happening.  some of the pictures like trying to count were  to over the head of the cave man, but the one of the bull was very clear.  So they group was under the believe that there were 10 bulls.  it was getting to be night fall so Motard went looking for a good place to camp out for the night, he found a very good spot with good hunting and a water spring.
      The next day as the group traveled up the mountain, they could see more cave men that have been forced down the mountain by the bulls, and at one point found a horse that had found it's way down the mountain.  This horse was still in good shape and still had it's saddle on.  It is always nice to find supplies that you don't have to pay for.
      Finally the hero's come upon the Temple of the Bull.  Out side the door that had been  broken in, there was two broken wagons and some dead animals, there were many tracks of rather large animals.  Zardoz was again asked the cave man what this creature was.  Drawing a picture of a bull and the half man half bull.  The cave man conformed that is was a Minotaur.  Still thinking that there were a few of these monsters, the group used the broken wagons to build cover if they needed, and then they moved in. 
      Motard was searching for traps in on hall way/room he heard sounds coming from the other room across the hall, when he turned to see what it was he saw two Minotaur's rushing him.  By the time the fight was over Motard had taken a lot of damage, and a third minotaur had shown up to help it's brothers. 
      There was still some rooms to explore, so Motard took to it.  When he got to the end of the hall way he could feel something very bad.  Continuing up the stairs he found a Ghoul that was looking for fresh meet, so the group cut up some minotaur but the is not what the ghoul wanted.  He wanted Motard because he was still living, So in exchange for the Horn of the Bull the Group gave the cave man to the ghoul.  But in the end the ghoul still attack the party.  And the group was able to kill the ghoul and get the Horn of the Bull.  Ghoul was the mage that they were looking for.  Now there is no one to take away their new house that the group has taken over.
      The hero's are not out of the fire yet.  just as the group once again came to the low lands, there was a group of people coming towards them.  There were to groups each lead by someone on horse back.  One group was made of clerics and the other group was made up of the undead, and in the ranks of the undead was Darius Khas.  That right one guy that the group had killed early was here to get his revenge on the party, but he was asking the group to kill him again so he could be free from his curse.  In this battle Motard would just about fall, and Zardoz would get closer to going insane because  of casting his Black Magic spells.  This group of cleric's and undead was looking for the Horn of the Bull.
Posted on June 10, 2013 .