Spider Ninja's

      What happens when you take a job, guarding a mage and his woman but don't know who they are?  While let me tell you what happens.  You get attatcked by a giant spider man thing. 

      It all started just before dusk, when the captain asked who was going to take a watch during the night.  I said that I would do it, but that might have been a mistake.  While was making my rounds I found some of the guards had been taken out.  When I went to check on the guards at the front gate, that is when the assassin attack me.  I was able to wake of the fighter, but he spent the whole fight getting on is armor.  While Zardoz and his hirelings shot at the assassins through the window.
      After the fight, I took the robs of one of the assassins.  I was hoping someone would know who these guys were.  We went in to the main house to see if everyone was ok.  There was a gong so I had to hit it.  When out of one of the rooms came the captain, he had been wounded but you could tell he had killed a few of these punks.  The great mage and his woman had gotten away we think.  The captain said that there were some stairs that went down under the house, so we went to check it out.  When we opened one of the doors, there were more assassins.  After the fight Zardoz searched the bodies and found they and spider tatoos on their necks, he cut one of them off the body.
      We then found ourselfs standing in fort of three locked doors.  I asked the captain if he could call out to his master and if any thing would happen?  So when he did the woman answred and opened on of the doors, the room was made for sacerfice and there was a giant cacon.  When the Cacon came open out came a spider demon.  I got one good hit in, there he posioned me and I was out for the count.  In the end the only ones standing were Zardoz and the fighter.  Zardoz was able to kill the demon with a Magic Missile and the fight took out the captain, and knock the woman out so Zardoz could get his spells back.
      After Zardoz was able to find a healer and get the posion out of us, we started fixing up our new house that we took from the demon.  While working on the house, we got a vistor, a Merchent who wanted to hire us to find his friend and maybe the Horn of the Bull an artifact of great power.
Posted on May 22, 2013 .