Superman: Truth, Justice, and Hope

Superman: Truth, Justice, and Hope

By Tyler Patrick for the Legends of DC Blog


I want to revisit a topic that has been on my mind. I have touched on this before, but I think we need to talk a little more. I am a Superman fan but what does that mean? When you are a child you see superman with all his powers and he's the best. Look at what he can do, but as an adult I think look what he doesn't do. He has the power to do what ever he wants, but he is lead by the choices he makes to serve others. He is the ultimate public servant. There have been story lines where Superman is made to be the villain. A “what if he goes dark”, but that’s not his character. I want to talk about what is his character. 


We live in a time where we don’t know what a hero is or who to look at for inspiration. Before you say Superman isn’t real, let’s ask what is real. He is a construct. The ideals of men and women of all races, genders, backgrounds working on a character to represent the best in everyone. What we wish we were like what we want to be. That is the idea of Superman.


Superman was created as the ultimate American immigrant. To represent the American way at a time when that meant something. Superman is now a world Icon and sets the standard for each person. As humans, we fight over what is right, what is wrong, what philosophies we subscribe to, what religious texts are accurate but in all of are differences there are strands of truth, common themes we all share. This is where Superman is represented, we may argue on politics, religion but what do we agree on.


Films like V for vendetta and the Dark Knight Trilogy discuss the idea of symbols, and standing for something being more than a man. That is how I feel towards Superman, the world is a war in many ways and when I wear Superman attire, that is how I feel. Like a sports fan wearing the jersey of their favorite team, when I wear the Superman symbol I am saying I agree with what this character stands for, I stand for what's right, for you, for me, For truth, justice and for the hope of a better future. 





Posted on January 2, 2017 and filed under Superheroes, Comic Books, Comics, movies.