Superman's New Look

Superman's New Look

by Tyler Patrick


So here we go again coming soon, we are approaching a year of DC Comics Rebirth. So Superman is getting a new suit. frankly I don't like it. 


When the new 52 launched Superman's suit was changed the most drastic main continuity change ever. Later in the run his suit was tweaked by Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr, then lastly we got the De-powerd jeans and t-shirt Superman.  


When rebirth launched we got a new Superman with his own distinct look. This helps with the marketing. One look you know who this Superman is. There was less Red because the boots were blue too. The suit looked like a good mix of comics and film. 


I was not opposed to the lose of the trunks it was over due. I like the black shield on the back of the cape. Each person has their own feelings but the costume is used to distinguish each version of the character. His costume barley changed for 75 years why all the changes now? 


What are your thoughts ? His new costume is more reflective of the original idea.


Posted on January 14, 2017 and filed under Comic Books, Comics, Superheroes.