DC Comics Best of 2016

DC Comics Best of 2016

(In My Opinion)

by Phil Perich for the Legends of DC Blog

With this being the end of 2016 and since I already did a year end review for my True Believers Marvel blog, here are my picks of some of the best books DC Comics put out in 2016.


Detective Comics

Writer: James Tynion IV

Artists: Eddie Barrows & Alvaro Martinez

This Bat-Team book features Batman and Batwoman running a version of a boot camp for the next generation of vigilantes including Spoiler, Orphan (Cassandra Cain), Clayface, and Batwing after Red Robin goes missing and is presumed dead.  This group has fought organizations that terrorized Gotham like the Victim Syndicate to global threats like a black ops military force led by Batwoman’s father.  A great book for old and new Batfans alike. 


Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps

Writer: Robert Venditti

Artists: Ethan Van Sciver & Rafa Sandoval

After the events of the pre-Rebirth Green Lantern books, Hal Jordan has returned to protect the universe as the only Green Lantern after the disappearance of the rest of the Green Lantern Corps.  Forging a new ring from his own willpower, Hal goes to face the entire Sinestro Corps alone.  Help appears to be on the horizon with the return of the Green Lantern Corps but not before Hal appears to make the ultimate sacrifice.  This book has re-energized many jaded ex-Green Lantern fans.


Red Hood & The Outlaws

Writer: Scott Lobdell

Artist: Dexter Soy

In my opinion, the Red Hood has been written inconsistently since Jason Todd’s resurrection.  And when I heard about this new team I was skeptical, Red Hood working with Artemis and Bizarro, that sounds to goofy to me.  But on the recommendation of my cohost Lilith I read the Rebirth issue…and I was hooked!! This is not only one of my favorite books of the month, but probably the best interpretation of Jason Todd i’ve ever read.  I love this threesome working together against Black Mask, but also gives me enough character building for Jason Todd that I was hoping for with the Red Hood solo book I’ve wanted.


Wonder Woman

Writer: Greg Rucka

Artist: Nicola Scott

This twice monthly book is not only redefining Wonder Woman’s origin but also unlocking new mysteries, like Wonder Woman’s relationship with Cheetah and has everything Diana thought true about the Amazons been a lie since the first time she left Paradise Island.  This book has this newer Wonder Woman fan looking forward to many more years of greatness. 



Writer: Tim Seeley

Artists: Marcus To, Javi Fernandez

Nightwing is probably my favorite DC Comics character, and every time a new creative team takes over I get nervous.  I was especially nervous when DC revealed Dick Grayson’s identity and turned him into a spy in the Grayson book.  Tim Seeley cowrote that book and I was impressed with the respect Seeley had for the character there.  My respect grew by leaps and bounds when Nightwing Rebirth released.  It’s amazing how Tim Seeley can create such a great book twice a month that honors the legacy of NIghtwing that pleases us longtime fans and still have a masterpiece that is perfect for new readers also.



Writers: Peter J Tomasi & Patrick Gleason

Artists: Patrick Gleason & Doug Mahnke

This book is the symbol of DC returning to it’s former greatness made real.  After the death of New 52 Superman, the Kal-El and Lois Lane of the pre-Flashpoint universe have returned, along with their son Jonathan.  Not only do we get the classic Superman back, but the Lois and Clark team many of us have greatly missed.  Add to this fabulous formula the couple’s half human/half kryptonian son who is learning how to become the new Superboy and you have the makings of a new soon to be classic.



Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Brett Booth

Much like the Superman book, Titans embodies the very essence of what Rebirth is all about.  Not only for the reunion of many of the classic Titans characters, but the return of the original, pre-New 52 Wally West.  This book is one of best DC books of this or any era, featuring the return of the Wally West/Linda Park love story and the villainous Abra Kadabra.


Green Arrow

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Artist: Otto Schmidt

And speaking of the return of the great classic DC Comics love stories, this list wouldn't be complete without mentioning Green Arrow, whose Rebirth book saw the return of the Oliver Queen/Dinah Lance romance.  Blending the old with the new including some TV themes like the character of John Diggle, this book is a must read for fans of street level heroes.  And with classic elements like Green Arrow’s goatee and his role as the people’s protector, this book has a very modern yet “Hard Traveling Heroes” vibe!


It was very hard to pair this list down as much as I did with all the excellent books DC is putting out right now, including Aquaman, Superwoman, and many more.  What are YOUR favorite books right now? What did I miss? YOU tell me!




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