Barry Allen (The Speed Force's gift to the world)

Barry Allen

(The Speed Force’s gift to the world)

by Phil Perich for the Legends of DC Blog


Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman.  These are the most well known heroes of the DC Universe.  Maybe it’s because I just watched the Flash season 2 finale, but I’m starting to realize that The Flash (Barry Allen specifically) is probably the most influential hero in the DC Universe.  Not only is he powerful, but he literally effects the universe (and multiverse) around him.  Let me make my case.


  1. Barry Allen discovers the multiverse

Early in his career as the Flash, Barry was already so fast that he was able to cross universes and discover Earth 2, home of the Justice Society of America and his “predecessor” Jay Garrick.  So basically, Barry even early on was able to push the boundaries of the universe and show us how little we knew. 


2. Barry sacrifices himself to save the Multiverse

In DC comics first company wide crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths, the evil anti-monitor set out to destroy every universe in the multiverse except his own anti-matter one.  After being captured and psychologically tortured by the Anti-Monitor’s henchman the Psycho Pirate, Barry is able to break free destroy the Anti-Monitor’s ultimate weapon, even though it costs him his life. Here Barry saves all of time and space!


3. Barry becomes his own beginning

Before Wally West would discover the Speed Force, DC released a tale of Barry’s fate AFTER his death.  When Barry Allen’s body dies, he continues on as energy, going back in time to become the lightning bolt that originally strikes him and gives him his powers.  So between this and the Speed Force Barry would never, just go on forever and ever!


4. Eternal Protector

Even after his death, Barry would keep looking out for his former sidekick Wally West.  Even though Wally was the Flash for years at this point, Barry would show up and help Wally out of a jam or two thanks to the power of time travel.  So neither time nor death would stop Barry from being the heroic protector he was from day one.  


5. Remake the universe

In a moment of weakness, Barry decides to go back in time to save his mother from dying at the hands of the Reverse Flash. When he does the entire world changes, with most of the heroes and villains Barry knows altered or missing in this new timeline.  With this new world on the brink of destruction, Barry goes back once again to undo what he has changed, having to let his mother die as originally happened.  But the present doesn't return to it’s exact previous state, because this is the event that created the New 52 timeline.  


I think I’ve made my case, Barry Allen is the most infuential figure in the DC Universe.  Now let’s see What DC Universe Rebirth #1 throws at our hero.  Agree? Disagree? Let me know:


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Until next time, strive to be a legend, like our friend Barry!


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