The CW Arrowverse (Where are they going this Fall)

The CW Arrowverse

(Where are they going this Fall)

By Phil Perich for the Legends of DC Blog


It seems like every few days we are getting more and more bits of information about the big block of DC Comics TV shows on the CW network.  Named the Arrowverse in honor of the first show to air in 2012, Arrow.  Starting in the Fall this universe expands to four shows every week.  I thought I’d do a quick review of what we know so far to get it straight in our heads.



While Supergirl wasn't picked up by the CBS network, it was saved from cancellation by their sister network the CW.  While some fear this move, dreading that the move will mean a smaller budget for special effects and cast, many think the move will bring great things.  Not only does it seem to make more sense for Supergirl to be “in the same neighborhood” as the other DC super hero shows (except for the Batman prequel Gotham on FOX), but now Supergirl and her cast can interact with the characters of the three other shows. Who doesn't want to see a Wynn, Cisco, and Curtis team up?  And we heard just today that Superman will appear on Supergirl in season two.  While the role hasn't been cast yet, I think it’s a move in the right direction.  Plus, if Superman is coming to the TV side, can Batman and his allies be far behind? 



Tuesdays may seem like they are going to be business as usual for the fastest man alive, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Yes Barry Allen defeated Zoom and rescued the real Jay Garrick in the season two finale, but he also did the opposite of what he did in the season one finale when he chose to save his mother when he time traveled to the night of her murder.  Most DC Comics fans probably know this is the event that created the alternate Flashpoint universe.  So how long will reality stay changed on the show? Will we see this event effect any of the other CW DC shows?  Maybe altering reality and eventually attempting to put it back the way it was will be the catalyst for bringing Supergirl into the same universe as the other three shows?  It’s already been confirmed that all four show will have a week of crossovers at some point next season. 



Many people didn’t like the supernatural elements of Arrow season four, with Oliver Queen facing foes with magical abilities in the island flashbacks and the present day.  Well at least on that point, the writers have heard you loud and clear.  While not many details of season five have been released yet, it’s been confirmed that the “big bad” of season five will be a human crime lord who’s been compared to Idris Elba’s character from the Wire, Stringer Bell.  The only other tidbit we got was the character’s name, Anton Church.  Is this a completely new character, or a known DC character under an alias? 


Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow has the most potential and can go in many different directions.  Will they intervene in the mess Barry Allen has created?  With the appearance of Hourman in the season one finale and Jay Garrick in the season two finale of Flash, will we get a full Justice Society of America roster?  The only details known so far mention the casting of two new characters.  The first is described as an african american woman from the 1940’s who is the member of a paramilitary group.  The second is a male in his late 20’s to mid 30’s whose grandfather was a hero during World War II.  He is described as a Han Solo type who gains super powers.  Whocould they be?  Could the man be Commander Steel?


Those are the facts we have right now.  We should be getting ALOT more in the coming months (can’t believe we have to wait until the fall!).  What do you want to see happen on any or all of these shows?  Share your thoughts with me and you and the world may hear them on a podcast!




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