The Speed Force (Barry's about to get his groove back)

The Speed Force

(Barry’s about to get his groove back!)

By Phil Perich for the Legends of DC Blog


Tomorrow night not only will we get the new Flash episode directed by Kevin Smith, but also the answer to the question: Where did Barry go?  I think I have the answer.  Somehow Barry has entered the Speed Force that gives him his speed.  Back in the 1990’s the Speed Force was created by writer Mark Waid and described as an extradimensional energy field that powered every human that had super speed.  The original story featured Wally West as the Flash. He was the first person ever to return from the Speed Force (at that point).  It was his true love for his girlfriend Linda Park that gave him his anchor in this world and a way home. 


I believe that is why the writers chose now to have Iris confess her feelings for Barry.  It will be Iris and Barry’s love that brings Barry home.  And I also believe this is the first step in a new evolution for Barry and his powers.  When Wally West returned from the Speed Force he was able to manipulate his powers and control speed in new ways.


  1. Lending/stealing speed

After his return from the Speed Force, Wally was able to steal or lend speed to objects or people in motion.  He could steal the momentum from bullets and make them drop in midair or give people or objects brief moments of super speed. 


2. Explosive phasing

Wally West regained the ability to phase through solid matter that he had when he was Barry Allen’s partner Kid Flash.  But now he left remnants of kinetic energy behind so anything he phased through exploded. So wisely he didn't phase through any living person.


Wally was now mainlining the Speed Force and was the fastest human in history, even faster than any other speedster.  Not only do I believe that this will enable Barry to return from the Speed Force, but also travel between Earths unaided and defeat Zoom who has been much faster than him this season. 


Think I’m right? Dead wrong? Hurry up and tell me before we find out on the new episode of the Flash!


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That’s it for this week.  Run, Barry Run…Home!

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