Nightwing: Return to Bludhaven

Nightwing: Return to Bludhaven


by Phil Perich for the Legends of DC Blog


Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis or listens to my reviews on World’s Finest (@worldsfinest) on the Channel 52 podcast (@channel52pod) knows what a superfan I am of Nightwing, especially the work continuing to be done with the character by writer Tim Seeley.  Mr. Seeley wowed the comics world and myself co-writing Dick Grayson in the pages of the Grayson series and his love for the character only shines through more now in the “Rebirthed” Nightwing series.   


Not only has Tim Seeley honored the legacy of NIghtwing but added his own spin to what makes this hero so great.  Much like comics legend Mark Waid did over at Marvel during his time writing Daredevil, Mr Seeley is able to blend the character’s lighthearted nature with a touch of darkness that most street level comics characters seem to have these days in new, fresh ways. 


The new timeline of Dick Grayson’s adventures is more like a chain than a line, with one link strengthening what comes after it.  The original Raptor arc lead into Dick feeling vulnerable enough to be attacked by Doctor Destiny in his dreams which lead to his “new” friendship with the pre-flashpoint version of Superman, which also led to my favorite moment from DC Rebirth so far.



And even that story led to Nightwing returning to the city he protected in the previous continuity, Bludhaven.  Not only were there small reminders of Nightwing’s first ongoing series such as him finding a place to live and searching for a day job, but in today’s new issue (#11) there were a number of easter eggs including the villain Stallion and the name Redhorn on the sign of a international shipping company.  Was this just a little wink to us old school fans or will we see the return of Bludhaven’s corrupt Chief of Police from the original series?


Consistently great issues with a combination of original storytelling which also honors the Nightwing tales and creators that came before.  Thank you Tim Seeley for a book I am unashamed to say is my pick of the week every time a new issue releases.  What is your favorite DC Rebirth series or moment Nightwing or otherwise?  Let me know!


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