Day 7 Favorite Edition

                Today’s mission is to find out about my favorite edition of D&D.  while I think you should know right now that I don’t have a favorite, I have one that I like less than others and one I still have to play.  So here we go.
                1st edition:  This is what I started with, so there is a special place in my heart for it.  I think it is a simple game that is really fun.  I sometimes wish I could find a group to play with again.  But for now I will have play games that are like unto it. Such as Castles and Crusades.
                2nd edition: This is the one I have to get into, by the time I moved on to what everyone was playing at the game store, I was already playing third edition.  There have been some groups here and there that I have tried to get in to but nothing ever works out.  I am hoping that at the gaming con I am going to next year there will be some games that I can get in to.
                3rd edition I had a lot of fun with this edition, I ran a few games.  I run a game before my mission for some friends.  Then when I game home I played and ran.  Some of the best games where the Red Hand of Doom and the Free Port adventures.  I was sad that the assassin was something you had to work up to. 

                4th edition I would have to say that this edition is the farthest from my favorite.  I have only played one time and that was at a con, and that was fun.  All the other times I played I was the DM.  I am still trying to get my Neverwinter writing done.
                5th edition, last of all, I really am having fun playing this edition.  I am enjoying the group I am with.  However I did go to one encounter section and I did not like that at all.  I think I will enjoy dming this game when I get to that point.  And there you have it, so until next Time Keep Gaming  

Posted on July 8, 2015 .