Day 6 We are Gods

                Today is going to be a fun 1. For the question of who is your favorite Deity?  I think for me that really does depends on the character that I am playing. 
                When I started playing D&D I really wanted to my cleric to be a follower of Odin, because when I was younger that was the god of them all.  The problem with a cleric worshiping Odin in 1st edition is that every time a healing spell is cast Odin falls asleep for 1-3 days.  One day I want to do it any way just to mess with the other players.
                Right now I am worshiping Bobca the god that doesn’t care.  Normally he is worshiped by mages, but I think he is a good chose for the assassin I am playing.  We are on our way to a temple, and she has been thinking we will see how much he doesn’t care when she tries to steal somethings from the temple.
                One time a played a Guly-Dwarf cleric, that was a follower of Tiamat, other than that I have not done too many crazy things.  The deities are normally closely related to the characters that I am playing.
Until next time Keep Gaming

Posted on July 7, 2015 .