Day 8 Favorite Pc or your own

                Today’s question I think is kind of a dumb one.  What is your favorite PC?  I don’t know about any one reading this, but I don’t think I have a favorite, I like all the Player Characters that I have.
                I think I have shared this once before, out of the six characters from my for 1st edition game, I liked them all but the ones that stand out were the cleric, the magic-user, and the monk.  There could have been more if I keep playing 1e, and maybe that day will come again.
                There was a lot of characters for 3rd edition, I really had fun playing my cleric that started taking levels as a summoner, but her deity was kind of a jerk to her.  I really had fun playing the Paladin that died so others might life.  And so one and so forth.
                I played one 4th edition character at a gaming con, and I based her kind of off the first edition one, and the was fun.  I would have more fun with the assassin I am playing in a 4e game if we did stuff more than one every 2 months.
                I have play two characters for 5th edition one was for an encounters that I did not enjoy but that could have been different with the right group and if I had gone more.  And the assassin that I am playing, I am having a lot of fun with that one. And there you have it so until tomorrow Keep Gaming.

Posted on July 9, 2015 .