Day 5 Favorite Die or Dice

                A question like what is your favorite die or dice, is just opening up someone to tell you that, they have dice older then you.  But let’s get in to it.  I have had a lot of dice over the years, and there is one thing I have learned that having kids means it is going to be a long time before I have a whole set again.
                Before my mission my favorite set of dice where painted lite pink on dark pink.  I got it when I was a sophomore in High school.  The thing that made it even better was is that it was the last set in that color and I was not the only one that wanted it, but I was the one that got it.
                I don’t remember my first set after I got home from my mission, but the first set I do remember was from an ex-girlfriend it was a set of black and green crystal dice.  They are pretty cool, if you are going to get a set of these I would recommend getting a tray of some kind to roll them in, or they will roll forever.
                Now my favorite sets are a purple and yellow one, a pink and black one and black and orange crystal set.  For the 4e game I am playing in I use whatever dice comes out of the bag.  But for the 5e game I am playing in I use the pink and black 2o, and a red and green one.  I use the purple and yellow d10, and a lot of d6’s.
                There is about my dice, so until tomorrow Keep Gaming.

Posted on July 6, 2015 .