Day 4: Favorite Game World

                This one is tricky, I am not sure that I have a favorite game world because I use my own world when running games, even when I was doing an L5R type game the world was mine.  Also the world we are playing the 5e game in is written by the DM.
                I think Free Port and Ptlous are their own worlds, so I think those would be my favorite, if that truly is the case.  I was not able to finish the Ptlous game but what we did was great.  There is this one part that you are fighting on this giant machine and because of it I can’t listen to Pink Floyd’s Welcome to the Machine without thinking about that fight.  Free Port was also a really great game, I think one of the greatest moments in the Free Port game was when the Half-orc fighter thought he could take on a lich.
                I would love to get back in to the L5R game, I was not able to finish that game, and I think the world was changing great for the players.  There was also so many more things I could have done with that world, I hope that someday I can find a group to get in to it.
                If I was to run a second edition game, I would do it in the world of Ravenloft.  I like the idea of playing in an undead world.  I have some of the stuff of Ravenloft and I want to get more, but there are still so many ideas that I have. 
                I think reading some of the Dragonlance books, but I am not sure I would like to do a whole campaign on Dragonlace, in Third edition I liked using some of the stuff like the different orders of the Knights.  It might be fun though.
                I have also thought it would be fun to play in a Spelljammer game, there is just something about being in space that sounds fun.  I know you could say then what not play Star Wars or something?  While the reason is because I still want Fantasy not Sci-fi.  And thus ends another blog so until next time Keep Gaming.

Posted on July 5, 2015 .