Day 3 Fav Class

                There are three classes that I like to play, most of the time there are two, because the games I play in, the assassin is not allowed, because they are good aligned games.   The 5e game that I am playing in I am able to play an assassin so that is cool.
                The Cleric:  I guess it is a good thing I like playing the Cleric, that way I don’t have to get mad when I am stuck playing it when no one else wants to.  I think my liking for the Cleric came from my 1st edition game.  My cleric DJ she was a bad ass, and had to save the team more than once.
                The Paladin:  I don’t think I started playing paladins until 3rd edition I wanted to play on in the 1st edition game, but I went with the monk instead.  If my Assassin dies that I am playing now, I am going to start playing a Dragonborn Paladin, she is going to be a lightning breather that is a pyro, and it is going to be great.
                The best Paladin I have played was a Dwarf that ended up dying to save the team.  The group was fight a fiendish monster that has swallowed the Dwarf, then the dwarf broke all the holy water he had dealing a ton of damage.
                The Assassin:  I think I might like the Assassin because it is way from my Normal style.  When I was younger I had a whole guild of assassins, and am looking forward to putting that in to the new world I am building.  I am playing two assassins right now, one in the 5e game and one in the 4e game.  I think I like the 5e one better, but they are both fun.
                I really like the build options in 5e, the plan for the one I am playing is just to take feats on the levels she can and not worry about increasing her abilities.  The next feat she is going to take is Crossbow Expert and then sharpshooter.   While there you have day three so until next time Keep Gaming.

Posted on July 4, 2015 .