A New Chapter

It has been a very busy week in my gaming.  But before we get in to that, there is some great news.  This should be the first blog post with my new home Southgate Media, and therefore the podcast will come back up.
                There is going to be a Dungeons and Dragons podcast, A Magic the Gathering podcast and maybe a super hero podcast.  I need to find some more people for the D&D podcast because we are going to be playing my Neverwinter game and other games.  I am thinking about a second one so we can just talk about the game.  The Magic the Gathering game I am going to have up after I graduate in a week. I am not sure what is going down with the super hero one, I have to think about it and work it out.
                So now let’s get in to the games.  I was able to get to all four of my games this week, and the play by post games are still slow but we will get there someday.  In the pbp game I am playing I am not sure if I told you we have gone back in time.  The only thing we have found out that the artifact allows us to track a follower of Palor through time.  We are trying to get out of the Kobold hide out.
                In the Neverwinter game, they are getting father in to the House of Knowledge that are getting close to the room with the blade trap that needs to the Vault.  They are sticking the inner rooms, so they have missed a fight so far and are far from the artifact.  With getting close to starting a podcast, I will have to start working on the second draft of the game so the artifacts are not worth as much money.

                The 5e game is going great.  We are able to raise the defenses of tecrades and then the goblin army should go away.  Then we can maybe get to the temple.  Some story-lines that I am not going to follow, like the love story, but new ones are coming to me.  I bard that I have hired is running from a noble so either the bard works for free or he is going to die, or if the price is right I could let the noble know where the bard is.  While there it is so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on June 7, 2015 .