A special update

                I forgot to tell you about the play by post games that I am part of, so I will do a special update about that.  I also played some Topple with my son.  We only played one game and he beat me.  So let us get in to the Play by Post games.
                I will start with my Neverwinter game.  Everyone is on the same page now so things are picking up a little.  They are moving deeper in to the House of Knowledge.  They have found two books, the first book was cover with pictures of the gods, when they read it they found out that the Throne of the Gods is on one of the seven levels of Heaven on the way to Mt Olympus. 
                I was just readying about the Throne and now I have something to add to the story, there are cults called the seekers that are looking for the Throne as while, so that should be fun.
                The second book had a music note on it, and on the inside was some music and one of the last chapters was about the working of Heward’s Mystical Organ.  They don’t know yet that two of the artifacts are in the house, if they are able to get the organ to stop the organ by the time they are able to get to Andru and get back it will be gone.
                The game that I am playing in is going great.  We just killed our second white dragon, and have reached level two.  One of our comrades has fallen, and turned in to a sword, we will see what happens with that. 

                We have found the artifact we are looking for and now we need to get it out of the ice, and get it back to town.  Then maybe we will be able to find the scout we are looking for.  I guess we still have the problem of knowing which way in time he went.  I think that is it for this week.  So until next time Keep Gaming. 
Posted on May 17, 2015 .