An Update

                There is no gaming this week unless it is the play by post games.  I am kind of happy about that it was going to be the last battle in Tretrades, but I am going to be at my graduation so I would have missed the fight.  I really want to be part of the final battle so Guin can just shoot the console man, and then we can raise the defenses of the city and make our way to the city with the temple in it.
                Maybe I can get some writing done on my games.  I would really like to get the second level of the academy done, the game is going slow but I would still like to get things done, I have some good things when they get done with that adventure.
                Father’s day is coming up so I will be able to write on that day for sure.  I was thinking I would spend the whole of it working on my 1e game, it has been some time since I have done that.  I am still working on the second level of the king’s castle. 
                Escape from Cyclops Island is still waiting on art work.  There is a go fund me at Check it out.  I have found the person that I want to do the work, and he is charging 30 dollars less than my asking price so that is good.  I am somewhat hoping to be done with this project by the end of the year.
                The Salt Lake Gaming con is coming.  So I have one more costume to get, for my assassins costume.  I am also going to get a Deadpool weapon kit from the costume shop down from my house.  There are a lot of weapons in it, but I think I am only going to use the sword and the Sai’s.  If I could find a Nerf Cross bow for cheap that would be great. 

                I had written to the people of the con and told them that I would love to run some games, but after they told me someone would get back to me about that, I have not heard from anyone so maybe I will just do some pickup games.  I am trying to get DCC to add Salt Lake Gaming con to their list of road shows, we will see what happens.  And until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on June 12, 2015 .