The Vault

      Most of my gaming related stuff this week has just be reading Of Dice and Men.  I really enjoy that book, if I was going to give you two books to read it would be Of Dice and Men, and the second would be Ready Player One.
      The writing that I was able to do this week has been working on the Vault.  The lower level of the House of Knowledge.  So I will blog about that in the Neveragain blog,
      The play by post game I am playing in is going slow, but I am enjoying it.  We are about to start our first encounter.  After climbing through a goblin hole.  I have challenged the other dwarf's to a contest to kill the most bad guys.  the loser has to buy the drinks next time we get to a bar.
      Today my five year old daughter and my three year old son told me they need D&D characters, she whats a mage, and my boy we will see what he comes up with.  I have been thinking for some time now that we are going to start playing  Dragon Quest so now we are going to start doing that.  I will make it more for their age, I know that the little one will want to play too.
      I have been thinking that with Escape From Cyclops Island, I am either going to find some open source art or have no art for this one.  I want to do it right but want to get it out there so I can start working on the next one 40 days and nights.  Or I am just going to call it 40 days at sea.
      I have been that instead of going to TableTop Con, this year the whole family will head done to southern Utah for Bryce Con.  There is talk that Fan X is going to be in January this coming year and I don't think it is going to be very good to I was to stay way form SLC during that time.  while I think that is it for this week so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on October 19, 2014 .