Some Games and some Good Stuff

      I really should start with last weeks one shot DCC.  This is a great game, the mission was to say some people from our village.  At the starting of the game there were 12 characters that tried having fun storming the castle.  My friend from work really wanted to play a Halfling and was able to do so, the great thing was that the Halfling was the second to die only 20 min after the game started.
      In the end we killed the main bad guy, but then the only person that lived through that fight died fighting a lizard folk.  If you are looking for a Good game with an Old School Fell check out Dungeon Crawl Classic the game where being the smartest player can still get you killed.
      I have started playing in a new play by post game.  It is a D&D 5e game set in 2e Forgotten Realms, so far it is fun.  I am playing a Female Dwarven Cleric, and have started some trash talking with the other two Dwarfs.
      Right now we are tracking an Elf and goblin, that attacked the caravan that we were guarding.  They took some kind of magical item.  I am kind of hoping that at some point we go to the Ice Wind Dale, I have always wanted to play a game there.
      I have got a lot of work done on my Neverwinter game, I have been working on new Monster called the book worm, I have finished that and will share with you my first draft on my Neverwiner blog.  I am now working on the vault part of the House of Knowledge, so by the end of this coming week I will be done with the House and can move on with that.
      I am really excited on November 1st there is going to be a game day at the UofU in Salt Lake City Utah.  it is going to be some good fun, most of the gaming people I play with are all going to go up and maybe play of CoC.
      I am also thinking that it is just about time to start getting ready for the con in Jan, i am going to be running the Keep part of Keep on the boarderlands it is going to be a Castles and Crusades version of the game.  While until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on October 5, 2014 .