One week and something new

      This week started with my Birth Day being on Monday.  The plan was to go to the local game store and work on Neverwinter.  I got two rooms done and then someone wanted to play games. I told him I would join him if he could find other people to play.  I wanted to play a card game called Gloom or Munchkin Cuthlu.  We end up playing Pandemic.
      Pandemic is a great game that I will be buying.  The starter game comes with four deceases, that you have to destroy, there is a add on that gives you a purple decease.  The other colors are red, blue, black and yellow.  They come with a tray that you can name each one.  I am going to name the Yellow one Elobia.  The Red one will Demonitis, and the Black one will be The Curse of Cain.  I still need to come up with names for Blue and Purple.  Pandemic is also a great learning tool one it uses real cities through out the world, and I never new the Starting point of the game is Atlanta Georgia home of the CDC.
      Through the week I have finished up to room 10 of the vault section.  Part of room 11 is done, I have to add the treasure of the four chest that are in the room.  There are 15 rooms so I will have it done this week, I have one more monster area and then the big bad in the last room.  I am thinking I will add a second demon encounter in the up coming area and then the High Priest that lives in the house.
      While I am working on my school work on writing for the up coming game or what ever, I focus better when I am  listening to something, most of the time it is Pink Floyd or some podcast like Save or Die or Spellburn.  While I have decided to try something new for a time.  The other day one of my friends share the Rolling Stones list the top 500 albums of all time.  Now I am not going to get in to the fact that it can't be of all time because The Endless River has not come out yet.  The idea is that I will listen to each album and share if I would use it while I write or play it in my store when that time come.
      #500 OutKast "Aquemini" This is a Gangster Rap cd.  I would not listen to this ever again let a lone play it in a store where families shopped.  The biggest reason is they drop the N word a 100,000 times in each song.
      #499 B.B King Live in Cook County Jail:  Love me some blues, this is something I would listen to while working on a project, and share with the customers of my game store.
      #498; The Stone Roses "The Stone Roses":  I have never heard this group before, but it is good I would use it.
      #497; The White Strips "White Blood Cells":   This is a good album, and I would use it to help me write and to share at the store.
      #496; Boz Scaggs; "Boz Scaggs"  I would play this is the store for some people, but I would not listen to it again, it is not my style.  That goes for the next one has while.
      #495 Bonnie Ratt; "Give it Up"
      #494 MGMT "Oracular Spectacular"  This one is good I would listen to it again and would play it in the shop.
      #493 Wilco "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" Yes and Yes
      #492 Eurythmic "Touch" not only is this one good the first song is here comes the rain, a song that inspired the song for one of my rouges that had mental issues the song was called here come the snakes again.
      While there you have it, so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on October 26, 2014 .