Cons and Neverwinter

      This week I was going to play some DCC, but the guy that was going to DM had to work.  So I spent the weekend on my Neverwinter game.  I am going to write about that on the other blog.
      There is going to be an online gaming con in Nov called Aethercon, I have signed up to play there games at this con.  I am going to be playing D&D Next, some DCC, and some Castles and Crusades.  The D&D game is in the Living Realms so I am going to use my assassin.  It is going to be fun.
      In January there are going to be two cons, one is Tabletop Con in Salt Lake City, the second is going to be BryceCon I hope they are not on the same day or I can only do one, and that will most likely be the one in Salt Lake.
   While it is short this time so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on September 21, 2014 .