This week in gaming the real #18

      It was kind of a good thing that one of my players did not show up.  With work and school work, I have not been able to write for any of my games  Maybe this week I will be getting a new player, and there are ads for other people looking for a group, so we will see where that leads.
      The play by post 1st edition game that I was running, is no longer something I am doing.  Everyone just got really busy and on of the players doesn't even check his emails that much.  Now I am going to have to do something else if I am going to keep up the Wonderland blog.
      So this week in the Neverwinter game I only had one person.  My plan was that I was going to let him do what ever he wanted to, he wanted to stick with his mission of finding out what the Many-Arrow orc clan was invading the city.  So the adventure started with him trying to get himself out of jail.  He was able to buy his way out, but it cost him a good share of his good, because he felt that his freedom was worth a 100 g.p.
      He found some work with the Red Wizards, and did not think to much about it, even when one of them got mad that he was asking about getting a magical weapon.  In the end he would die a sad and lonely live by wondering in to the chasm, and fighting when he should have run away.
     I have only seen a little bit of the new 5th edition book, but I am going to be an Assassin at TableTop Con coming at the start of next year.  I am waiting to get my books when I can buy a box set at the end of the year.  I am thinking about going to the weekly living realms game, but we will see what happens.
     When I was looking at the rules for the living realms, in one of the groups you can be part of, you get a coin so I could build my assassin to be like Two Face and if you get heads you live tails you die.
      While I have to go make a video for my Youtube channel Mrdragonfi, and then I will be working on writing one of my books, so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on August 10, 2014 .