The Con and some other stuff

      While it is that time of the year again.  The Salt Lake Comic Con, was back in town or what ever you want to call it.  So lets get in to all the good stuff.  There were four things on my to do list.  See Leanna Vamp again, get Tracy Hickman and Marget Wells to sign my book and adventure, make a new D&D Next character, and play some D&D Next.
      Thursday:  knowing that I was taking my kids with me on Friday and not know what I was going to do on Saturday, this was going to be the day I had to play me some D&D.  The plan was to wear my vampire costume.
      It would turn out that the best part of the day was having to race the train from one station get my gear and ticket, and get to the next station before the train got there.  I did get tot he station just as the train got there.  I for got my money and had to take my whole costume bag.  My cousin was going to give five dollars to play D&D, the problem was that the lines in to the con were so long that I spent 3 hours in line just to get in.
      So I was going to make my character and paint a mini, and get my stuff signed.  My cousin was going to spend the night in SLC so he took some bags, and I put my stuff in one of his bags, and before I remembered he was gone, now I am 0 and 2.  From where I was the game room was the closet thing to me, so I was able to make my character.  I now have a level one Assassin.  by the time this was done it was time to find the group I was with so I could get home.
      Friday:  This day the plan was that my family would do an Alice in wonderland group.  The group was good, now we just needed to get to the con so, we could paint our mini's and play some games.  We got our painting done, my son painted a gunsligger, my daughter painted a flesh golem and I painted a mini to be my assassin.  After that we played some Spot it, that was a fun game we might have to get it come Christmas time.  I was able to get Tracy Hickman to sign my DragonLace adventure, so it was a good day.
      I did not go on Saturday because I told my wife that I would help her, so she could do something.
Now I have to get a You Tube video done, and then do some writing for Neverwinter and then get ready for a DCC game that I am going to do on Saturday.  So until Next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on September 7, 2014 .