This week in Gaming #18: It's coming and Hey I am a SPY

      I missed a week, so this one might be extra long or it might be just as short as the others, we will see what happens as we go.  I have been doing this blog for a while in hopes that I could make money on ads, but that is not working very while so I am starting to think I am going to start adding photo's of everything.
      So we are playing a new Castles and Crusades game, this time we are playing The Destiny of Kings, it is a cool adventure, there is a crazy fighter that kills anyone that looks at him wrong, a female fighter who became lawful good after drinking some water, a Thief who is now a mage because the thief took an trapped arrow to the chest, and me the cleric/knight. 
      The story for the adventure is that the king has been killed, and the prince is missing and we need to find him.  When we road in to the dukes little village, Sir Baldwin the XVI the cleric/knight had to pay 100 gp for a neck-less due to his bad diplomacy skills.  Then they found out that some people came in on their way to the holy place.  So the group decided to head that way in the morning.  So after letting a bad guy go and drinking some holy water, that leads us to what happen at the little fort.  It all started with the thief sneaking in and waiting to let us in if we could not do it ourselves.  We used some cloaks that we took form some of the guards and they let us in to the keep, but than they know we were fakes and they attacked us.
      After we cleared the keep we found a locked door in one of the towers.  The thief checked for a trap and did not find it, but then opened the door and got hit with a cross bow bolt.  We found the wizard and headed north to find the prince.  There was a black knight blocking the road and only winning the joust is the only way to cross.  Sir Baldwin XVI, got one good hit in and then things went south for him, it was a good thing that one of the fighters had a potion of healing.
      The other day I got a message that the meetup group I am part of, is starting to plan for Tabletop Con in January, I am excited about that, I am hoping to have a few things done for that, I would like to try and make shirts for them with Tabletop con on the front and The Swamp on the back, I might do one section of Escape form Cyclops Island and it would be nice if I could give some away as prizes.  I am going to either run a Castles and Crusades version of B1 or the keep part of B2, I might run them and 1e D&D.
      So the last point of the night.  I only had one person show up to my Friday night Neverwinter game, but I wanted to play anyway and now the fighter is in jail, because even though his job was not being a spy, he did not do a very bad job of hiding that fact he was trying to be a spy, so until next time Keep Gaming  
Posted on August 3, 2014 .