This Week in Gaming and Comic Con Fan X

      It has been a few days, I lost the internet but now we are back.  So lets get in to it.  I did not do a lot last week for gaming because we were getting ready for Comic Con.
      The go was a lot of Fun.  On Thursday I was a female vampire and was able to meet Leeanna Vamp, that was really cool.  Friday I dressed up like David Jones, the guy I play in Solomon Kane.  I got Tracy Hickman to sign one of my DragonLance adventure books.  We did not go on Saturday, I really wanted to go to Tracy Hickman's Killer Breakfast.
      I had a good time at the con, but I think I want to go to Con's that have Gaming so Gen Con, Origins, and the one close to home Tabletop Con in Salt Lake City. 
      I have decided on a line-up for my work week.  Monday I will work on my non-gaming book, Tuesday I will work on the Game Story book, Wednesday I will work on Rise of the Monarch the Card game I am creating.  Thursday I will be working on Neverwinter/Castles and Crusades, and Friday I will work on The Final Dream.  While that is it for now so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on April 23, 2014 .