This week in Gaming #11

      This week did not produce very much in the way of gaming, so this week I am going to have to push it out.  There was one high spot this week.  The Saturday game was great, we did a Castles and Crusades game we played the B1 setting In Search of the Unknow.  It was a great game, I was kind of said because the assassin did not do her job, but I did get one player stuck in a painting with a Giant and a Red Dragon.
      So now lets get to this week.  Monday I will be working on my non gaming book, I need to get through one chapter every time I work on it.  Therefore before I go to bed I will be done with chapter one.  Tuesday I will be working on the game story book, I need to finish writing about Motard the Backbreaker I can do that this week.  Wednesday I don't know if I am going to do any thing this day, I have a meeting so I can get back to getting my masters.  I think this will be the day I work on Rise of the Monarch, I need to get this thing done.  Today I was able to work a little on Neverwinter today, Thursday I will pick back up on that.  I am working on the House of Knowledge.  Friday will be working on The Final Dream.  I am still working on level two of the King's Castle. 
      Saturday is going to be a good day, we are going to start test playing Escape from Cyclops Island.  I will be making Pre Gen for the guys  so we can just get going when it is time.  This week I will also get it to the Editor so she can fix it.  I also need to get some art work done, I am hoping to get it out by the end of May.  While there you have it, so until next time Keep Gaming.

Posted on April 27, 2014 .