This week in Gaming #10

      While the week has been good. I think that I have gotten a lot done.that is good because this coming week is going to be crazy because it is Easter and Salt Lake Comic Con Fan X.  So what did I do this Week? While I just finished the second draft of Escape from Cyclops Island, I will be trying to meet with a friend and get the art work done, and then meet with the editor.
      Now that I am at this point of Escape from the island I think I am going to go back to having a different thing every day.  Monday I will work on my now gaming book.  Tuesday I will work on my game story book.  Wednesday: I think I want to start working on my card game again, Rise of the Monarch.  Thursday-Saturday: it's Comic Con baby.
      There you have it, so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on April 14, 2014 .