Waiting Causes Thinking

      Today I am waiting for my wife to come back from her surgery, and have had some time to think about some of the things I am doing.  So I will share some of those things with you all today.
      I started by going to DI's to look for stuff to make any or all my costumes for SaltCon or Comic Con next year.  I was able to find something for my Vampire at Comic Con. and I bought it because six dollars is way better then the hundred and forty dollars.  Plus the Dress that was 140 only has room for body art in the front, the six dollar one has room in the back, so i am thinking of doing something from either my Neverwinter game or the city adventure I am writing for Dungeons and Dragons 4e.
      On the subject of Cos playing, I have decided that not only will I be Solomon Kane at Comic Con, I am going to be him at SaltCon.  The reason is that I love the stories of Solomon Kane, I am really looking forward to playing that game again.  When we start playing again I am going to ask the other players how they meet Solomon Kane, I will start by saying "There is not much good about when a person meets Solomon Kane." 
      there is one more off week due to Anime Bonzi, then the Neverwinter game will be a weekly game,  So I have been thinking about that, I really want to do a four seasons of Neverwinter so I am thinking I am going to start with Spring.  It seems to me that Neverwinter is all ways in a state of Spring so we will start there plus there is an adventure that I want to do in the winter that is six parts and each part is twenty-three dollars so I will need sometime to get those.  So part of Spring will be on the Pirate Island and in the Ring of Dreed, I am really excited about this game.  There is one more thing about this game, I am not only going to blog about the game we are playing, I will blog about the things I am  doing for the game.  I think that will be fun for everyone.
      While there you have it, some about the Comic Con and the Neverwinter game so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on October 16, 2013 .