Solomon Kane and the Hydra

      October 19th was Theros Game Day.  I was going to fight the Hydra, but got the call to play Solomon Kane.  I am glad that I did not go to game day, it was not about fighting the Hydra it was just a standard tournament.
      Solomon is such a great game.  I character was a grave digger that fought with a shovel.  He had a few other weapons.  The adventure started with the group saving a woman that was going to be feed to  a "dragon".  The framers put up a small fight.
      The girl that was being feed to the dragon was one of the farms daughters, we told the farms that we would find the dragon and kill it.  When we got back to the village we meet the lord of the land, he did not look like a good man.  In fact he was indeed a bad man that taxed the people like crazy and was very rude to his subjects.  It was clear to David Jones that this lord might just be the dragon.  
      After the lord left the village, they made food for us, David Jones tried to talk with some of the people put they were to scared of the wolf that was traveling with the group.  Finally the wolf was moved and the people started sharing about the dragon.  Only one person in the whole village saw the dragon.  It was decided that in the morning after the priest had gotten over his drinking problem we would go hunt us a dragon.
      After hunting down some evidence to prove the lord of the land was the dragon, we went back to the village and gathered the towns folk to help us in the fight.  It was a grand fight were some of the villagers died and David Jones also just about meet his maker, but in the end the hero's and the villagers won the fight and there freedom, and that my friends is the story of David Jones and the Adventures of Solomon Kane. 
Posted on October 21, 2013 .