I forgot to tell you all about some stuff in the last post so I will do it now.  The kids got all the Dragons out yesterday and then they started fighting over who got to blow the fire out of their months.  That did not make the wife happy, not because they were fighting but because they were nerding out about the dragons and the fire.
     While working on the article for the website last night, I was readying some magic items about death and stuff.  I am thinking that one of the under would temples will be a temple of death, the second on is going to be for the cats, and the last one is still going to be the temple of Zues. One of the reason I am redoing the game is that there was way to much magic, but I am thinking that in the Temple of Death will have a lot of magic in it.
      So I was thinking that maybe I should find an other blog spot, so I can put up pictures and still get ad's sold,  Then I could post pic's of the Cos play stuff I do.  I am thinking about going to SaltCON next year, so I will have three more to do.  I am going to be my 1st ed Monk, and Cleric, I don't know yet what I will do for the last day.  Then I have the three for SLCC, I will be the Mad Hatter when the family does the Alice in Wonder Land, I will also be doing Soloman Kane, and one day I will be a Female Vampire.  While there you have it so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on October 14, 2013 .