Death Knights and Spring time

      While the time is coming to have things ready to play Neverwinter at the end of this week.  I need to create a cleric and fighter and a rouge.  I still need to come up with a starting point for the story, I have been thinking about having them work for Lord Nevermember.  I am not sold on that idea yet, so I am thinking about having someone lead them to the Tower of An-rok to save the fighter.  There are a few other stories that I can use from the job board.
      On the matter of my 1st edition Dungeons and Dragons game.  I was thinking the other day that when I get to the under city, there is going to be the Temple of Death, I am thinking about using some of the magic items to see if we can't turn some one in to a Death Knight.  if I am able to do that, I have an idea for a group of side adventure at lest three adventures.
      While it is time to work on other gaming stuff so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on October 21, 2013 .