Halloween 2014

      Halloween was good to the kids, and even better for us, I was able to get a podcast done, and get some gaming done.  So here we go
      We only played two games of Magic the Gathering.  We fought the Hydra.  The first game we all used the same life so we won because we had 75 life.  It was fun game but it was a bit over powered.  We fixed it in the second game we used our own life total and that made it better.  Casey used his Sorin deck, John used his Theros deck and I used my Red and White Theros Human deck.  We won this fight as while but John did die, the was one card that did one of two things which were either every players loses five life, ore destroy all tap non head creatures.  We choose that everyone would take five life, because all of casey's cards were tapped an we could win with his creatures.
      While playing the card game, I was working on creating an NPC for the Neverwinter game.  I created the Female clleric.  Sister Mary Jame.  I still used the Rolled 3d6 in order so she looks worse then the Rouge, but that is all part of the plan.  Mary Jane is a Deva so we will see how that goes.
      There is a new Neverwinter game, but that is in Neveragain so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on November 3, 2013 .