They Might Be Giants.

      The other day I built a new Magic deck, it has been in the making for a few years, but when I bought the Monsters and Hero's deck I think I have the cards I need for a second Giant deck.  The first Giant deck is White and Red, this new deck is Red, White and Green.
      Some of the cards in this new deck are the same as the old deck, like the Stinkdrinker Daredevil. and other Like the Sun Titan are new.  So here we go.
      New Benalia X2
      Boros Guildgate X2
      Forest X7
      Plains X9
      Mountain X11
      Kazandu Refuge X2
      Giantbaiting X1
      Manamorphose X1
      Loamdragger Giant X1
      Deep-Slumber Titan X1
      Thundercloud Shaman X1
      Hearthcage Giant X1
      Hillcomber Giant X1
      Safewright Quest X1
      Cloudgoat Ranger X1
      Coordinated Barrage X1
      Stomping Slabs X1
      Soaring Hope X1
      Axegrinder Giant X1
      Colfenor's Urn X1
      Fomori Nomad X1
      Skarrgan Skybreaker X1
      Runes of the Deus X1
      Needle Drop X2
      Obsidian Battle-Axe X2
      Furystoke Giant X1
      Sun Titan X1
      Stinkrinker Daredevil X4
      Wandering Gray Beard X1
      Lowland Oaf X1
      Inescapable Brute X2
      Battle Mastery X1
      Daily Regimen X1
      Roughshod Mentor X2
      Armory Guard X2
      Lairwatch Giant X4
      There you have it, I think I am going to do a Podcast and play both Giant decks and see who wins.  So until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on September 18, 2013 .