Rooms, Rooms and more Rooms

    Monday I was able to do some work on my Dungeons and Dragons 1st edition game.  It was a good day for working, I got from  room six to room four-teen done.
      There were two treasure rooms, one was empty, and the other one only had a small amount of treasure.  There were also some guards posts.  The Crowning part of today was the gust room for the royal guests.  There is a private bath in this room, and in the bath is more Green Slime.  The group I play with now will most likely touch this slime even thought the slime in the garden will hurt them pretty good.
      Tuesday, I was only able to work on the game for 20 min, but I got to the room where Ice and the Fire Elemental is.  Ice is a frost Man that was kick out of his tribe when he spoke out against joining the Giants.  Hie is evil but is not part of the Army of Darkness.
      I once had a group of hero's that took Ice back to the city and helped him start a company in frozen meets, and started him on the path to being a better person.  I know that group playing now will most likely kill him.
      There is no working on the game today so tomorrow and Friday will be double time.  So until next time Keep Gamin.
Posted on September 18, 2013 .