The Weekend

      I am going to skip what I did on Thursday, for I was only able to work on the Final Dream I for 20 min.  So lets get to Friday.  I finished level one of the King's castle, part of the was putting the Minotaur in his place.  The Minotaur is something new I have added this time around.   In the first version of the game I had an Orge Mage, in the game it was sleeping but the one  time my players decided to wake it up.  That was a really bad idea for they were only level .
      I got level two mapped and have started keying it.  I have finished the first five rooms, and on Monday will get more done.  I have to figure out how I am going to work on the project now, I have a new job that starts at four p.m.
      Before the podcast started, Casey and I test played my new giant deck.  It was The Giants of Provo vs. Fe Fi Fo.   We played two games and we each won one game.  I think the red, green, and white giants is going to be a good deck.  I created a podcast of the game, you can hear it on Itunes it is called the Swamppitsw or follow the link
      I hope tonight to get the  podcast up for Gods of War s2, e11.  We played three game that you can hear on the podcast, I won two of them but I could not get my green and white deck going. 
      There will be a Neveragain blog after I get this one posted, it was a good game, but it ended with everyone making new characters. There is no Avenger and a mage.    So until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on September 21, 2013 .