A good game, and some good work

      Before we get in today's great Swords and Sorcery game, let's go back to Friday and the work I was able to get done.
      I started working on my Neverwinter game at home, that ever goes while because I don't have an office to work in.  I tried to work at home because the kids did not want me to go, but there was just to much going on.  Some day I will be able to get a lot of work done at home, I will be doing more work on Wednesday and Saturday.
      So after I left the house so I could get my work done, I started working on my Dungeons and Dragons 1st edition game.  It was time to start keying the first level.  I was able to get five rooms done plus the garden.  The garden is something new that I have added to the Creation this time, there are two monsters in this area.  One is Green Slime, this is going to be fun if the players start touching the stuff at the bottom of the fountain.  The second monster is the is the Otyugh he is hiding in one of the flower pots,
      Monday I am suppose to work on my 3.5 game that I wanted to send to Adventureaweek.com, but in order to have it there I have to do both 3.5 and Pathfinder.  I have heard lately all the problems with Pathfinder so I am not sure I want to get into another game, I might just look in to other ways to get my adventures out there now that 3.5 books are being reprinted again. 
      Today was my Swords and Sorcery game, it was my first game back for almost two months, so there were some thing that I had to get up to date  on.  Then the fun started you can read about it on the Northern Clan blog, which I need to go write so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on September 15, 2013 .