Gods of war Season 2 e5

      There were many things I had to go through to get the group going on Tuesday.  I was working until 5:00 so I had to have my wife pick me up but she forgot the Magic cards.  So after getting Casey we had to drive to the Provo Dragon's Keep and tell John we are going to the Orem store.  And once again I was with out the laptop so we are writing about the games again this week.
      So I don't know if I said in the last Magic posting that right now the order we are playing decks, is just pick one that you have not yet played.  So I am going in order of what is in one of my boxes.  Let's get to the games.
      Game 1: My Sliver deck vs. Casey's Poison Ivy deck (Simic) and John's Koth deck.
This game was easy to get the win, I had to Bonesplitter Slivers and the Fury Sliver so there was not a whole lot the other two could do.  Casey did have some really cool cards in his deck.
      Game 2: My Anti-sliver deck, Casey's Poison Ivy, and John played a black, red, blue deck that he made that the Dragon Maze tournament we went to.
I know that this game was not going to go good for me.  I was able to play one card that gave Casey's creature +3/+3 and could not untap, but before I could target and do 12 points of damage to him, John killed the creature.  I might have been able to pull of the upset until John Played Breaking and Entering and got my Dragon, and then when my dragon was gone Casey went in for the kill, wining that game.
      Game 3: My White Knights Vs. Casey's 4 color deck, and John's cat deck.  This deck was also an easy win.  John and Casey could not get a lot out, and it is hard to stop flanking if you only have creatures that are 1/1 and don't have flanking.  It also did not help that when I play my Paladin that blows stuff up I choose Green.
      After we played these three games, we played a game of Castle Ravenloft.  I don't really like this game, but they have never played it and I was hoping it would be more fun if I played it with people I knew.  While it was more fun, but I can say that I still do not like it a whole lot.
      There you have it until next time Keep Gaming.,

Posted on July 3, 2013 .