Mini's, Tokens, and the game.

      Today I have finished writing an article for the website,  The article is about the cleric, I love playing clerics I don't know why but I am good at it.  But some would believe that the cleric is not a good class.
      I will also have to write about the Northern Clan when I am done with this blog.  It was a good game today, we had a new player show up, he is playing the thief.  He seems like a really cool dude.
      Now to the topic.  A week or two ago  I bought a new Mini of a Griffen and on the bottom of this Mini it said made in China, and I thought to myself how is it one company able to still make Mini's in China, and an other can not make Mini's in China so they have to go to making Tokens.  I think the answer is company A knows that if they give the fans what they want then there will be money to make Mini's.  company B just wants money so they don't care about the fans, so there is no money to make Mini's.  so there you go.  Some of the tokens are cool and they are going to be good in the Neverwinter game, but you can't paint tokens.  And I have thrown away all the minion tokens because I will never use those.
      While that is it for this day, so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on June 30, 2013 .