M14 and stuff

      Let's start with the other stuff first.  I have started working on adventure for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, there is going to  be more but I am starting with Escape from Cyclops Island.  The idea is that the players were captured by some Cyclops and have to get back home.  I think it is going to be a ton of fun.  My plan is that I am going to send it to Adventure a week.com.
      I am at a cross roads, I am starting thinking that I am going to have to give up my Neverwinter game unless my players can either come to my house, or to the game store here in Orem.  Gas is costing way to much to go to Payson.
      So now lets get to the Magic the Gathering stuff.  Lets start with the other day when I looked up the Promo cards that they were handing out.  It was the Megantic Sliver,  I thought this was great.  Slivers get +3/+3, that sounds good until it was pointed out to me that it is only Slivers I control.  That is still good but not like that old ones that effect every Sliver.  I only had maybe 5 Slivers in my deck and land was not coming to me the way I needed it too.
      Round one my team had the bye.  So we played each other to see how our decks would do.  We were able to play two games in the round.  Game one I was able to win, with the Slivers and some other cards that gave me life and some other things.  Game two John was able to win, I was not able to get any thing, and he just had to much life gain which was the point to his deck.
      So with three points for the bye it was all down hill from there we lost the rest of the games.  At one point we were in 5th places, I was happy with that but with two loses at that point we went from 5th to 10th which was not last, but we could have done better.
      Now it is time to build a deck for game day.  I am looking at building a blue, and green, and a little red.  I will use my Slivers again and a few other things.  Until Next Time Keep Gaming.
Posted on July 14, 2013 .