Some day

      It has been more then a day, and maybe some day, I will  be able to write on A Gamer A Day everyday.  but today I will be writing about tonight's Magic the Gathering games, because I was not able make the podcast.  I am just going to take this chance to say that one thing that would help me write every day is more traffic on the website,  and to leave some stars and a review on ITunes.  The podcast is called The Swampcast. 
      So here we go, we played we played four games, and the only game that was set was the last game in which, I had chosen my Vampire deck so I ask John to play his Vampire deck.  We played these games at a Taco Bell in Riverton, Utah.
      Game 1:  John's Green deck vs. my White soldier deck
      I played this White deck last week and in the end I did not do any better tonight against this Greed deck.  John's was just able to get his big creatures out faster then I was able to get land.  I had two Jadit Dargoons in my hand but they cost 5 mana, and I only had 4.  I really do need to either look at changing some things or take it apart. 
      Game 2:  Fast Burn vs. John's Coat of Many Colors
      I was able to win this came with the Vulshock Battlemage and the Spikeshot Goblin with a Vulshock Morningstar and a Bonesplitter.
      Game 3:  Dragon Maze vs. John's White deck.
      I was picking decks by what was the next one in my  box, but I really thing it was time for John to win again so he was going to use his deck that had his Wrath of God like cards so he could blow up all my creatures.  The great thing about my deck is that there are only two or three creatures in it.  When I won, I only had five of the Guildgates so I was not going to wind that way, even though I had maze's end in my hand.  I was able to win with the Door to Nothingness.  John was able to play Hero's Remembered on turn  two and was one turn from playing it.
      Game 4:  Dark Nights vs. Vampires
      John got his Liliana, and was able to get two lands out  before I did enough damage to her.  I got one Bad Moon, and Marri the Cursed and he did not have any thing to stop my flying so I took him out fast.
  So there you have it.  Until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on June 26, 2013 .