Hey kid.

      Today is the day that I am able to work on my business with out having to stop every 5 min, to take care of the kids or do something else.  So I am at the local game store, when this kid asks if I want to play Magic the Gathering.  I have not started working yet so I said I would play a game  or two.
      The first game I play my infect deck.  This boy was did not know about this power even  thought it was only 2 blocks ago.  He was playing a black and white token deck.  I was not able to get anything but land in this game so I lost.  At this he says to me that he doesn't have any Planeswalkers in his deck, but he would really like to have one.  And was hoping I would trade him.  He was looking for a  black, a white, or a black and white one.  I told him I have a black one,  a white one, and a white and black one.
      Game 2: His white and black token deck vs. my curse deck.  his tokens were not very strong so once I was able to search for my Curse of Death's Hold it was game over.  I had to get the Curse for Thirst so he would take damage.  He then went into how he need planeswalkers again and so I told him a little more and said that the ones I have are in my decks and I am not taking them out.  so here is what I have.  The prices that I am giving you are from www.cardshark.com
Liliana Vess $6.00
Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded $2.00
Sorin, Lord of Innistrad  8:00
      So Tibalt and Sorin have gone down since I bought them, but you get the point, I am not just going to give away 16.00 dollars.  Plus they all work in my vampire deck.  While it is time to go to bed so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on June 19, 2013 .