Fathers Day Magic.

      Fathers Day was good to me.  My wife Pre-Ordered the Dungeons & Dragon came that comes out tomorrow on the Play Station 3.  I am really looking forward to playing that.  I have spent many a coin on The Temple of Doom, and never have beaten it.
      So now lets move on to the other part of the day, being able to hang out with some friends for 4 hours playing Magic the Gathering.  I think I played 5 games.  I first 2 games were with my friend John G.  I don't remember what I played in these 2 games but I know I lost.
      The third game we played with a new kid.  I used my Red Artifact deck, I thought I was going to win, I could have done damage to both players and kill them at the same time.  Then the new kid played a card that did 7 points of damage to me, and at the start of my turn I took 3 points and that killed my.
      The next game was a 6 person game.  I used my Milfolk deck, the problem with this game was I started with only one land hoping I would get more  before I used the 2 cards I had that only took one mana.  it was quick I was out in round three.
      The last game was just me and my good friend Mike.  I used my curse deck, and he was using a red and white life gain deck.  it took some time but I was able to come up with the win.  It was good to play and even be able to do it for more then 2 hours.  Fathers Day was good.  Thus ends and other Gamer A Day, so until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on June 17, 2013 .