Free RPG Day 2013

      It was a good day.  I ran a Castles and Crusades game at the Dragon's Keep in Orem Utah.  The way the Dragon's Keep did it this year is they had each game set up in round robin format, so everyone could try each game.  I only had two people come over and ask me about the game, for the intro rounds  it everyone did Pathfinder, Star Wars, and Shadow Run.  So I was able to write my article for my website that you can ready latter tonight at
      Once the Crypts and Things came was over there were enough people for me to run my game.  A pot Of Broken Bones (& Halfling Broth) by: Brian N. Young.  In this adventure the Premade characters were a Human Mage, a Human Cleric, a Elven Rouge, and a Dwarven Fighter.  In the first group was 3 of the guys from the Crypts and Things game that I play in.  Casey played the Rouge, Niels played the Fighter and Sam played his one Cleric Aku, from the C&C game that we  played.  The other 2 people in the group a husband and wife played the other cleric and the mage.
      The adventure starts with the group in the local bar.  Aku and the fighter just enjoy there meal, the rouge try's too sweet talk the maid to give him a discount on the meal.  ( I let it happen, but I learned in the second game that the Rouge was a woman.) and the cleric and mage shared a friendly drinking game.  The cleric won the game, and just after the mage passed out 3 halflings entered the bar.
      When this halflings had finished their meal, they approached the hero's this is how it went done.  "Excuse me good sirs and ladies, I come to you with dire news and an offer for employment and good pay if you are willing to help us?  My name is Saffon Speckledbrow, of the famous Speckledbrows of the East Hide and my two friends and I are all that remain from the pilfering and attacks by two trolls just days ago."  The group agreed to help, and the next day they set out.
     While traveling the group came to a frozen lake.  They wanted to travel around it because it was only a day and a half extra travel.  but once they started out they found that it was going to take longer, so they came up with a plan to cross the lake.  They would tie a rope around all of them and then go across, Aku had snow shoes that he used.  They were all just about across when the cleric and the rouge fell into the water.  the drawf was got them out easy, and the mage shot off fireworks.  They would not be good for them.  just after coming to shore they were attacked by 6 Winter Wolfs, the mage made them mad because he attacked twice with his Burning Hands so they countered with their breath weapons.  Between the fighter and the magic of the mage, they killed the wolfs but not before some of them took a ton of damage.  One of the halflings was able to find a  very good place to rest for the night.
      In the morning the party made it the rest of the way to the hill, the home of the Fram Brothers.  This 60 foot hill has a door and on top  is a tree.  This tree has been twisted and all kinds of bad things have happened to it.  ( I said in the second game that it has been hit by lightning at least twice.)
      The cleric had the idea that the rouge should go sneaking in and see what he can see, so he did and in true Casey form when it is his time to shine he rolls a 1 on his check to sneak.  He made some noise but the trolls did not notice.  so the plan became to find a giant rock to cover the door and smoke them out.  (Both groups came up with this plan to smoke them out, but the second group did not cover the door and they used the tree to make the fire and they put it deeper in the cave.  But groups also climbed up on top of the hill to attack when the trolls came out.)
      in the first group everyone got an attack of when the trolls came rushing out of the cave,  Then the mage cast Wall of fire so the trolls would have to go through it to attack. once Aku blinded both trolls it was not long for the group to kill the trolls,  when the first one went down the dwarf used his pole hammer to fling the troll in to the wall of fire.  The mage killed the other one with his magic missiles.
      The second group was able to follow a different path so they did not have to cross the frozen lake, and they did not have an encounter until the got to Broken Bone Hill.  The best part of this fight was when the rouge said " I want to use my grappling hook to rap round the neck of one of the trolls and then jump off the hill in to the cave and try to pull the troll of the hill in to the Wall of Fire"  He nailed his check and the troll went down.
      After the battle with the trolls this group went back in to the cave to explore and see what they could find.  They found the rest of the Halflings in one of the holding cells, and then keep exploring.  They found one more halfling that was going to be cooked for dinner, before the hero's started trying to burn down the cave.  They found a door that did not look like anything else they found in the cave so they opened it.  It was the crypt of the Lich King Erazor and his cults.  the group did a few things and then the rouge and the mage went back to the halfling village, while the fighter and the cleric keep messing around, then finally the cleric left and the fight stayed which was not good for shortly after the cleric left the lich king came to power and he and his followers attack the fighter.  after the second round of fighting the fighter gave himself to the lich king to be one of his followers.  Then the King and his small army attack the halfling village.  the hero's got there turn first and so the mage dropped a fire ball on this army and took out half of them including the fighter.  It did not take long for the hero's to beat the king and his army with the help of a halfling mage.  And thus ends Free RPG day 2013 until next time Keep Gaming.
Posted on June 15, 2013 .