Rules, Games and Fun.

      Here is a link about Dungeons and Dragons.  I really liked this post, I do some times fell that the old school games are  better.  That could be because that is how I started playing. 
      One thing I hated about Dungeons and Dragons 3.O is that when I started playing the groups I played in would multi-class in everything so they could get the saves up.  I hated it, if you are going to play a mage then be a mage, or a rouge, or what ever.  But you would have  people that would be playing a level 3 rouge/level3 mage/ level 5 fighter, and so on and so forth.
      One last thing about the new stuff vs. the old stuff.  When I was playing Ad&d I came up with the idea to play a Thief/Magic-user that had mental issues.  But when I changed to playing the new games I have not been able to play that guy, because they aren't rules to do that.
      So on the Subject of Magic the Gathering.  I was asked if there was a manual for Magic, of course I said their was and that you could google it.  So I asked what you were looking for?  The answer for this ways that this person wanted to become a better player.I told this person that there best bet would be to go down tot the local game store and talk to them, but there is not much they are going to say that I have not already said..  So I once again tried to teach them how to  build a deck and things like that.
      Today I am hoping to work on my store at and kevinsmajestictheswamppit at  I am also hoping to work on my Neverwinter game, and then Escape from Cyclops Island.
Posted on May 6, 2013 .