Last night was Magic night.  I was  not able to make a podcast because I had to do it at my house so I could take care of the kids.  So I will make one when I am done with this blog.  You can hear it at or on Itunes called The Swamp cast.
      For the Podcast I do a series called Season of Hero's.  So we did that and then we played two free for alls.  I played my new land deck and it did not go so while.  In the first game Casey was using his burn deck and would attack me every other turn, and when John figured out I was playing this land deck he got scared and was going to make sure I was not going to win.  The second game I could not draw any thing I needed.
      Today was Free comic book day, it was good fun.  I got  The  Guild, Superman, Batman and the New 52, my daugther got yo gabba gabba, and my son got Spider-man.  The Guild is a good book and on the back is buffy.
      I think that is it for today, it is time to go and work on gaming stuff.
Posted on May 4, 2013 .