Books, and Money

      In order to write Escape from Cyclops Island, I need the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual.  I know I have the 3.5 verson  that I need but I have spent the last two days looking for it.  After I went to the Dragon's Keep in Provo Utah to see if maybe I had put it in my locker, I was looking at buying one of the reprint books.  These reprints cost 49.95 for a new one, that is 100% profit for Wizards of the Coast.  Alright I will say that maybe it is 95% just in the off chance that they give royalities to People that work for them and are not just freelancers.  So when that dissucction comes up about why wizards did the reprint line there should be no question that is was for no reason other then to make more money.
      I have bid on this book at and right now I am winning that war, but there is still one day to go.  I need this book so I can write my games, I have a 3.0 version that I could use but I feel if you are going to do something you should do it right.
      So I guess that until I am able to get or find my book, I am just going to have to work on my Dungeons and Dragons first edition games.  There is the Final Dream saga that I am writing,  I am hoping to have that one  published.  The other one is for my players so they can go through  The Tomb of Horrors.  They are both going to be fun to work on and even more fun to run.
      Today is a school day so I don't know if I will be able to work on my Neverwinter game to much but there is always tomorrow and I kind of have a four day weekend, maybe I will be able to get some of that  done.  And with just over a week  before we start Hell in Freeport, I think I am ready to run that all the way through.  It is going to be a lot of fun to see the return of Awsomeman, we will playing that on the podcast to keep an eye out for that.
Posted on May 7, 2013 .