So one thing I forgot yesturday was Unicorn City.  I know that movie as  been out for some time in Utah, and I don't know about other place.  But it is a great gamer movie, that even my kids enjoyed the true test is if my wife would watch it with me.  You can find it on Netfilx so have fun with that, and maybe you can "level up before the next time we meet."
      Now lets get on today, it starts with when I was able to open my email.  There was an email form my friend/DM about his blog you can find it here.  I am a nerd so I don't care where something comes from, if it is about a game I am all over it.  Check out the blog for the Provo Barbarins.
      There is a new podcast that I have started listening to it is called the Nerd's Domain Podcast.  The first one I have listened to is a review of everything from books and games, to app's, but they about to do a Kickstarter to upgrade there recording stuff and then will start a C of C game.  I am looking forward to hearing about the Necronomicon.
      Tonight is Friday Night Magic  but it is nothing to do with Wizards of the Coast or "Wizards of the Beach."  So I need to get stuff ready for that I have one new deck that I have to write about, and one deck that I have change with the release of Dragon Maze.  Tonight in the podcast The Swampcast we will finish the tournament for the Season of Hero's.
Posted on May 3, 2013 .