Welcome to 2018, fellow dice watchers! As we break into the new year, we wanted to give a big shoutout to one gaming accessory that is at our table every time we game, including boardgaming: our dice tray.

Now, we are fairly new to the dice tray game – the one we’re talking about today was the first one we’d ever purchased: our AggroBox! You may have seen some of these trays if you watched Wizards of the Coast’s Stream of Annihilation back in June as they were used at the table throughout the entire stream! AggroBoxes is a one-man show based in Arizona and we first became aware of him through Instagram, where he was advertising his very first Electricity-Etched Dice Tray. John responded with interest, and Shawn Irish, the man behind the box, was gracious enough to make another and send it out to us. It’s more than time we did a full review and linkback to him and his awesome products.

This box is well-made of cedar and high-density foam. The electricity-etching is eye-catching and, by nature of the process, completely unique. Measuring 5x7”, it has a small table footprint, and is light, but sturdy-enough to travel in a bag with books other gaming accessories. We carried ours all around GenCon50 and used it every time we rolled dice and it held up to all the jostling and press of a multitude of gamers from every side in a very packed backpack. You can see in the photos that the foam is showing some wear, but for as much as we’ve used it in the last nine months, it’s holding up very well.

Price point on the trays on their Etsy shop is $24 or $28 depending on the style of box you choose, though there are not any electricity-etched boxes available at the time of this writing. Below, you’ll find links to their shop and social media profiles. Definitely check out their Instagram as he shares videos of his process and samples of all the products he offers which include dice boxes, deck boxes, and dice.

If you’re looking for an affordable, small-footprint dice tray, Dice Voyeurs highly recommends AggroBoxes!

As always, show us your dice, and we’ll show you ours!
John and Roxy,

AggroBoxes on Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram