Beyond the Purple Velvet

Continuing our look at dice accessories, today, we’re throwing all our bags on the table. Well, a few, anyway.

As we mentioned last week, dice bags are everywhere. Every game shop we have ever stepped into has offered at least one or two, and usually many more. In fact, in our area, many of the bags offered in the shops are locally sourced from one maker. On the show, John, David, and Levi, look at a couple bags John has had for awhile, and sadly, we have no idea who made them or where they were created, but pictures are available below. For this blog post, however, we’re going to show you a good portion of our collection of dice bags and, where we can, offer links to purchase or peruse others.

Here in the Houston area, when we walk into a shop and see dice bags, there is a common name that pops up: Blue Cherry Faerie. Cherry is a local seamstress who designs and manufactures dice bags featuring a variety of materials, colors, and prints. Her bags are so prevalent, I would wager that at least one of her bags appears at 90% of the game tables in this metropolitan area. There are of a great quality, and we love ours (Angry Birds Star Wars for our Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPG Dice). She can be found on Facebook, Pinterest, and Etsy. If you’re in the market for a new bag, pick up one from her shop, you won’t be disappointed.

As for the other bags in our collection, some are plain, some are embroidered, and others are just printed. Also, most of them are John’s, and he tends to buy a bag for a purpose; a specific set of dice he is building, or for a certain game. As for Roxy? She had one bag for all her dice. It was black with a d20 embroidered on it with the words, “+1 of Awesome”. Some months ago, one of our dogs nommed a hole in it, retiring it from general use. Bad dog!

In the show, John shows off one of his old standbys, a purple and grey velvet-like bag with a simple nylon drawstring with pony bead embellishment. The one that caught everyone’s eye, however, was one that is made from fabric printed with old RPG character sheets. John picked this up before his first trip to GenCon in 2016 to carry his GM'ing dice, and thought it would be a conversation-starter. If you are interested in getting a bag made from the same, links below to one we found on Etsy, plus the fabric if you’re crafty and want to make your own!

You will note the clear lack of Crown Royal bags. Roxy has never drank or purchased Crown Royal, and John used to have one, but it was lost, or packed away over the years and has not been found. If you haven’t already listened to the episode, you’re going to want to cue it up just to learn how those purple velvet bags with the gold embroidery came to be associated so prominently with dice. It’s a cool trivia tidbit!

How many dice bags do you have? Are they plain Jane, or feature designs, prints, or pockets that make it unique? Where do you go to get your bags; online or in-store?

As always, show us your dice, and we’ll show you ours!

John and Roxy,

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